La ville rose. Because different shades of red and pink colour reign here. And they will enchant you. I spent so many days exploring its charming streets, feeling the weird mixture of Paris and London there which I can’t precisely explain. It’s about that feeling of the city that captures parts of both of their spirit. It’s a young town in its mood and old in its architecture where history and present somehow walk together.

On the few sunny days, I took advantage of the banks of Garonne and Japanese or Botanical Gardens. On other days, I tried my best to escape the everlasting cruel wind, sometimes taking refuge in a church (Basilique Saint-Sernin was my favourite) or a museum, bracing myself to return to the streets, even did some shopping only to get away from the omnipresent autumn cold and rain.

It’s still one of the loveliest cities I’ve seen in my life, but next time I’m definitely visiting it in spring.

I’ll be back, my cher Toulouse!

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