The buzz of Slovenian music

What I miss most after leaving Ljubljana, besides the walks on its riverbanks and its art markets, is those (semi)local concerts, some of them so unexpectedly good, others just as excellent as I imagined them to be. Those moments when you’re really not sure what kind of hopelessness people talk about. The emptiness of the scene, its lack of quality and diversity, the awfulness of the general taste. Nope, don’t know what you’re talking about… I think you’re just looking the wrong way!

N’toko and Moveknowledgement : The Slovenian music scene’s favourite guy, probably. His insightful lyrics on the atmosphere and mentality of the country, followed by the commentary articles in one of the most critical magazines, and we can’t imagine our culture and intellectual society without him. Leaving the exaggeration behind, he is good. The group he’s with when not solo, even more so. Never say boredom and numbness and inertia again. Instead hear them live!

Ludovik Material : One single was enough for me to fall for them. The female singer voice and presence are mighty, the lyrics only add a necessary red cherry on the rock top kick.

Severa Gjurin and Olivija : The best female voice and singing with the gentle music accompaniment. Can it get better than that?! The Sunday morning melody. And the Monday evening tune.

New Wave Syria : When it comes to electronic music, this is where I go. To shake, dance, shout out the necessary, tell everyone to get lost and then chill still lying on my bed alone.

All Strings Detached : Another proof that to follow the cream of the scene, one needs to follow the student radio’s record company, the alternative one, they say. In this case, to ease the melancholy needs.

Zircus : Saw them with my ex for the first time. Bought the two albums they had released at the time on the spot. Never regretted meeting my ex thanks to them (and a few other bands, I admit). I still prefer them live, but I’ve always considered that as a weird compliment for a band.

Res Nullius : For some time, this was the rock band I adored the sound of the most. Don’t ask why. Something so sombrely cheerful about it. Couldn’t resist putting them on the list, although there’s no English here, sorry!

Thanks to this post I just took the trip down the memory lane! Nostalgia it is for a week!


  1. Uuu, hvala za nova imena, teli Ludoviki sekajo. “Ledeno” in “Slovenec sem” sem prevedla že na prvem blogu, v angleščino. Pri Res Nullius pa najrajš skočm s pobesnelga vlaka, čeprav nisem letnik 72. Edino vprašanje je: “Matter”, ja al ne? 😉

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