Luxury in present tense is simple

Maybe luxury isn’t something we strive for, but something we are already surrounded with. Talking from a privileged perspective, we already have that life full of things escaping a strong definition of absolutely necessary to stay alive and the rest, there only to give us a minor or a major pleasure. Even more, it seems luxury itself is escaping a permanent definition, and it is this which perhaps defines it most accurately.

Wouldn’t you say as well it changes with a certain perspective and the minute we pick another, items that fall into its category also change? Not just because for me luxurious is represented by a personal library, shelves boosting with books and music albums, a quality sound system, a few pretty and not cheap-looking handbags, an abundance of almost violet raspberries from my grandmother’s garden in my childhood and a Peruvian mango in the midst of Atacama. And for someone else it is some other exotic food and more or less expensive drinks, a dress or a watch, education or a room of one’s own, it is family time and seeing friends in person after years of absence. It can be so many things from individual points of view.

But sometimes it changes, because the world does first. Because the circumstances we live in change so dramatically that some things stop to matter and many other previously basic become luxury. Life teaches us the lesson soon enough, however should we live in fear of losing, of some Earthly, Society or History forces taking our life of ease away from us? It is not this I’m trying to say.

Yet, personally, I will cease seeing luxury things as something I desire to have in the future, as things I wish to pile around me. Although I will probably never stop piling books on my shelves and memories of travel in my mind. I will try to see it elsewhere as well, in the things already present. Does that make me an ascetic, try-to-be-monk or a defender of a minimalistic style of life?

I don’t know, I’m not trying to be anything. I’m just writing this as a personal reminder to try to change my perspective from time to time, to know I’m one of the lucky ones and see luxury in a glass of fresh water, as I used to say, and the comfort of my own bed.

Gosh, I really do become a smartass sometimes, don’t I?

via Daily Prompt: Luxury

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