The frailty’s shadow play

Beauty always seemed frail to me. Just as life, it is of an elusive and melancholic nature, even more: it seems to be built on a certain kind of weakness, maybe even helplessness. For me, there is always some sadness in beauty, just as much as there is no sadness without beauty. I once shared this belief with someone and he replied that was because we found beauty so much bigger than us. I felt there was more, though.

It is a paradox, yet this play of indirect contrasts shows us how profound joy and profound sorrow coexist in the world. How separating one from the other is somehow cruel and sinful, and most of all it is blind and sturdy.

The more I live and open up, the more I experience, the more I travel and discover, the more world I see and people I meet, the more I feel that is true. Whether it is out of a desire to advance, a quest after earthly pleasure or a reluctance to accept mere contentment, the result sums up to the recognition that saying yes to life is confirming its entirety and cuting off pain is denying it. It is funny it was just as much through traveling than reading all this finally fell into place for me.

Is it not the same with our personalities and relationships? Somehow, it is often our weaknesses that not just make us who we are, but incidentally build our genuine strenghts as well. I know people consider me weak, not confident and consequently easy to manipulate, but they do not realise it is in my shyness, silence and distance I find and form myself and that is why their advances so often just bounce off if they do not come from sincere closeness. There is power, even more importantly there is humanity in embracing fragility and it is there we can sincerely approach and trust others.

Because is it not in the middle of our intimate sharing of frailty we find love, ultimately?

Take the weakest thing in you
And then beat the bastards with it

– Stars, Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It


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