There is something about Normandy that always captivates me. Is it the style buildings wear with such loveliness or the fields and grass and branches and cows and birds that surround you on your road trip and which you desperately swallow up, like a person on their way back to the city desert usually does?

But there is something particularly spellbinding in Étretat. It is so obvious – it is the cliffs, it is the richness of the flora and the fauna, and of course, it is the beach and the sea. While you’re soaking up the sun rays and dipping your feet in the refreshing ocean water, you probably have one of the best possible views, in the meantime walking bare-foot on pebbles will even grant you a free massage, too.

But all that comes at break-time, after already climbing a few steps and following one stunning cliff after another, taking a walk among occasionally quite high grass and numerous meadow flowers, catching bees and a butterfly or two with your eyes and listening to the desperate cries of the many seagulls above you. Don’t stop your stroll at the most obvious point, but go further on one of the prettiest promenade you could possibly imagine. Because then you find your own little meditation spot where not many people bother you and the view is all yours to appreciate for half an hour or so while your skin is slowly getting rid of the winter paleness. Do remember to bring your sunscreen next time, though.

I needed 10 years to finally come to this place I had heard about during a French lesson, and the day I did was one of those days I live for, a summer trip at its best.



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