Would it seem awful if I say Barcelona is not the city that really impressed me? It was pretty and occasionally adoring, but I never really embraced it, felt close to its energy.

Well, there were still a few of things I simply adored.

Most of all, it seemed to me that this city is the European capital of street music. I mean, honestly, it was everywhere and it was good. With every turn you take in Park Güell you bump into an interesting act or even a fantastic band. And then another one on the seaside rambla. All those rhythms! And one particularly charming neighbourhood – Gràcia Barrio. A sudden sunny joyfulness and an everlasting readiness for long walks on the avenidas to see what the famous architects are all about. A rich market next to the infamous La Rambla.

Still, I sometimes feel I have to somehow make a bit of effort, sort of come up with reasons to like it… Just because it failed in easing the anxieties and even did the opposite?


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