I realized why I like Paris better than London.

It’s far more honest – it doesn’t hide its ugly truth from you by a series of misleading disguises. Here, you see the dirty side of the city every day on your way to work, home, party… you walk past it and can never avoid it, no matter how fancy the quartier is supposed to be. You can smell it on the public transport and on the streets, it hits you right in the face when you least expect it to, you hear it blazing through your headphones, ever more loudly, getting harder and harder to ignore. No one really tries to erase or cover it. They can only try to push it aside, but it always stays in sight. It might be hard to bear this two-faced metropole, but at least there is no pretending, no artificial curtains to make you believe, to let you live in an illusion that the brilliant show is all there is.

So, yes, I choose this brutal reality in all its duality over ”one-sided” hypocrisy anytime.


  1. This is a very interesting thought on the difference between the two cities.
    I personally hate Paris but absolutely love London. London is open, Paris is not. London has so much space for everyone and anyone – or so it feels! – and Paris has space only for the fast-paced, the nervous, the arrogant, the elite, the rich, the white, the one who knows who has to been known to “succeed”.
    But I definitely agree with the fact that London has a hypocrite side to its soul…

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    1. I know, people keep saying that about Paris and of course it’s at least partially true. I just don’t feel that difference in (some parts of) London. In both cities it depends on the districts we’re talking about. What you feel about London, I felt and still feel in Paris, too, but often didn’t in London which is a super-stressed and success driven business city. I am aware, however, of its openess, I just sometimes feel that it only goes halfway when it pretends to go all the way.
      Despite all the nervous, rushing, rich people, Paris is still a relaxed city to me with amazing personalities who do realize the complexity of life and society, but it’s a metropole with a whole lot of nonsense nonetheless. I guess we’re both right in some way. Or it’s just personal.

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      1. I think there’s no need for right or wrong… Our personal opinions are valuable in their own ways because they’re that – personal opinions. We have different backgrounds and that’s what makes us see the world through our own special lens. And it’s beautiful šŸ™‚ Thanks for taking the time to answer my comment!

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