A city which is in people’s minds too often caught in the stereotypes. What if one doesn’t rent/ride a bicycle, doesn’t actually enter any of the infamous coffee shops, doesn’t smoke weed at all (just smells it everywhere) and goes for a walk around the Red District during the daylight? Yes, one misses an important part of the city’s unique experience, but maybe, that is exactly why one sees the bigger picture, too. Either way, one enjoys the overdose of cuteness, walking along the overly nice canals and among overly neat houses, getting lost in the narrow streets in between… Because getting literally lost here, without a proper map and a sketchy cartoon instead, is just too easy. Long live the improvisation and the intuition.

And because historically awful weather on your one whole day there makes you appreciate the clear dusk sky even more. You obviously can’t say no to walking when that finally doesn’t mean getting everything on you wet, yourself freezing cold and your umbrella upside-down and broken.

Yet again — I’ll be back.


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